Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Wow! 2012 has arrived. It sure got here in a hurry.

Since my last post, I survived another semester of college and am on the precipice of yet another. I figured it would be a good idea to recap some of the stuff I mentioned there and take a look ahead. (Considering I probably won't blog again until after this upcoming semester.)

Well, Boise State football came and went. It had more ups than downs, but the downs were pretty down, so to speak. Nevertheless, I'd call it a general success. I was nice to see Kellen and the boys go out on a high note. Getting to see the game in Toledo was very cool. High-fiving Kellen and Co. afterwards was cool, too. It's never too early to start the countdown to next season, but I'll at least wait until I'm done with this blog.

I recently finished my third semester at Hillsdale College. Looking back I find it ironic that the two classes I said I was looking forward to the most I found least enjoyment in at the end. God is laughing at me, so I'll laugh along, eventually. I did well in most my classes, and I look forward to doing even better next semester. Speaking of looking forward, I will once again be focusing on my to main areas of study, Politics and Philosophy, with three and two courses in each discipline respectively. This should be fun. And being the far out, crazy person I am, I am planning to take a sixth academic course as I will be beginning Spanish 101 towards my B.A. requirements. This should be interesting. Mostly, my goal is not dying.

I am still a member of the George Washington Fellowship. My writing and research commitment to this program was not especially onerous this last semester, and I hope that will continue as my class schedule fills up even more. Hopefully, this research service will provide a useful diversion from some of my more tedious class work.

Rugby once again provided a bright spot in my semester despite the complications and losing. I think I am improving as a player and I plan on moving into a greater leadership roll moving forward. For this, I cannot wait. Well, I can, but it will be hard.

As far as the goals I set, I did check out more clubs and will see about greater involvement this next semester; YAL is on hold because of time commitments; I was able to deepen several friendships, now for adding width to the depth, and more depth; spiritual maturity came as well but with downs as well. Prayers are especially appreciated here. As far as being a Godly influence, time will probably tell how well I'm doing. Hopefully, I'll get to see it.

Things keep getting busier, but as the business grows so does my excitement for God's plan.

A always, feel free to contact me on Facebook, by e-mail, or via this blog.

Jacob Barrett

P.S. 234 Days.

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