Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas :) :)

Well, as you might have guessed from my lack of blogs, a lot has happened this month. In fact, so much as happened that as I sit here trying to recall everything I find myself at a loss. So I guess I will just tell you about the few things I do remember doing :).

SCHOOL!!! 3 weeks of school and so much to do!! As the Semester raced towards finals my pen raced to keep up with it and the requirements of a large research paper, 2 speeches, and other finals-type activities. In the end it only cost me one night of absolutely no sleep and the whole week averaged out to about 4 hrs a night. But it is over and we have 2 weeks off :) :) :)

Sports: Basketball has been fun. We have played 1 game (loss to Gem State Academy) and we have 4 more games this week in a Christmas/New Year's tournament (yay!!.... well, playing at 9 am= not yay ;) ). I have also been doing Indoor track and had a race last week :). Volleyball practices for city league are starting soon :) :) :) :) :) :) .... as you have probably guessed, I am dreading the start of volleyball.... ;) :).

Singing/ Piano: I was able to participate in 2 caroling groups this December!!! I have never had so much fun as I did getting to sing out with all my heart to my Savior!! I also had a Piano recital... it went ok...

CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Christmas is one of my most favorite times of the year. Not because of all the presents (although those are super cool), but because of the meaning of Christmas: Jesus. This Christmas Season has been one of Spiritual difficulties... but, then again, isn't that what Christmas is all about? Showing us that we cannot even begin to think we could run our lives, that Jesus is the only way to true peace and happiness.

This Christmas, my family hosted our 2nd annual Christmas Eve Brunch. It was truly an amazing time and I thank God for all the people he brought!

Christmas day was quiet and family oriented... my favorite :) We went to a church service and then opened presents. The afternoon was a time for games :) and then we got a quiet time for sleeping and reading :). Our friend, Dave, was able to come over in the evening and we played more games and just had a merry time!!

I was not expecting many gifts, but for some reason I ended up with a pile on my lap :)
My brother, Josiah, surprised me with a super cool breast collar for my horse! My parents got me lots of books :) (of which I have already read one :) ) Liberty got me some pretty cool yarn that I have already started using to make a baby blanket :). From friends I got: a coffee mug, a necklace, hot chocolate mix :), a super cool scarf (green :)), a china tea cup, and an assortment of clothes :).

Random facts of the month:
Most random question I was asked: At a Christmas program, the photographer asked to take a close up of my shoes.
Got to see my first 3d movie: Hugo :)
Was told twice in two days by 2 different people that I would be in their prayers :)

Book Review:
"Doomed Queen Anne" by Carolyn Meyer 230 pg. Youth historical fiction.

This book traces the life of Anne Boleyn, her rise to power and her descent to death for treason.
Written in the first person, you enter the mind and heart of Anne, the younger sister in a power- hungry family. Her father sends her to the dutch court at age 6 and the French court at age 8. He is willing to sacrifice everything, even his daughters, on the alter of ambition just to rise one more rung on the ladder of influence.
Anne, the ill-favored child, with dark hair and other "blemishes", who has always been hated by her sister Mary, the pretty one. With Jealousy and hatred against her sister and her family, smoldering in her heart, she decides to use everything in her power to capture the heart of the most sought after King of her day, Henry VIII.

This book does an excellent job showing how Anne turned all her friends into enemies on her way up to the position of queen and so when she got there she was utterly alone. There was only one person that was not yet her enemy and with her "failure" to give him a son and her consequent rising panic she succeeded in turning him against her as well.

The author does a very good job at showing at the beginning, Anne as the young and beautiful sought after belle and Queen Catherine, the old, forgotten woman and at the end Anne is the forgotten one as King Henry has moved on to others.

The other thing that is clearly shown is the fact that power does not satisfy. Even though anne is queen she has no friends and no Savior, in essence, she has nothing.

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