Friday, August 26, 2011

Adventure in the Big City!

This afternoon as 2 of my brothers and I sped through town, as fast as 5 o'clock traffic would allow :), I was imagining a nice quiet late afternoon in a nice restaurant with my Aunt, Friend, and Brothers with lots of good food and a time for creating memories for each of us to carry in our hearts through the long months of separation that begin as of this Saturday as my brother Jacob will be headed back to Hillsdale to undertake his sophomore year of undergraduate studies. However, even though the evening took some unexpected twists and turns, there were many memories made and 5 smiling faces at the end of our little adventure.

The adventure began the moment we stepped foot in the Restaurant....

As the door quietly swished to a stop we were informed by the head waitress that since we were under 21 and this restaurant was technically a bar (they had a bar area but it was not a "bar" and our Aunt already had a table reserved on the patio) that we had to leave the premises. When I them pointed out my Aunt seated at her table and informed her that we were here to meet her, she said the rule still stood and that we needed to leave. My aunt saw us and came over to see what the hold-up was; she then decided that she would pay for the food she had already ordered (the appetizers) and we would take it to go. The waitress said that that would be fine but that Jacob, Justin, and I needed to wait outside....

So we waited outside and tried not to look too awkward (quite a feat as we felt quite awkward :))

Our food and ourselves were ready to go in about 7 minutes, so the next decision we had to make was where to eat. There were some park-type benches along the curb across the street so we sat there and began to dig-in while my Aunt picked up the tab. When she came to join us, we saw that there was not enough room for her on the bench so we decide to walk up the street about 30 feet and sit on the "Thomas Hammer Coffee Co." Patio and enjoy our food a wee bit more comfortably. But alas, the sign on the window informed us that the Patio was for "valued customers of THCC only". So we decided that the only logical answer was to sit down and become "Valued customers of THCC". Which we did with a purchase of 2 glasses of sparkling cider and 2 iced coffees.

When we had cleaned up then last of the nachos and mini quesadillias, another decision demanded our attention: Where to eat dinner. Along 8th street, where we were at presently, there were a variety of restaurants and we settled on either the Pizza Parlor or the Mexican Restaurant. After walking a while half-a-block, thouroughly investigated both establishments, and a time period of indescission, we all settled on having Mexican. After we ordered and sat down to enjoy our meals of burrito, salad, and nachos; we spent the free time inbetween bites of food discussing our observations about the steady stream of people that were walking, biking or driving on the road in front of us. There were various couples as well as a motorcyclist who was trying to pick some one up; the buisness men and the boys in shorts and t-shirts; the families out for a pleasant bikeride in downtown Boise as well as people just out enjoying the wonderful weather.

The evening came to a close as my Aunt and friend had to leave to keep an appointment, however just for "old times sake", Jacob took Justin and I to Fanci-Freeze downtown and we all had soft-serve cones.

The evening, in spite of and because of, its many "abnormalities" and "spontaneities" was super fun and a time I will not be forgetting anytime soon :)

Monday, August 22, 2011

Year 2

As August 2011 quickly retreats towards the cesspool of months past, the view ahead reveals coming attractions that both excite and daunt.

First, Boise State football is peeking its beautiful head above the horizon of our lives. It now bears down upon us with the exhilarating speed of a runaway train. A Blue and Orange blur of beauty and power, destination: Georgia Dome, September 3rd. All Aboard!!!

The train and I are headed for a crash course meeting in Toledo, OH on September 16th. The countdown to 2 and 0 begins now.

Second, the excitement of a fall sports season reminds that Fall is indeed on its way and the school year is beginning far and wide. This Saturday (Aug. 27), I embark on perhaps my most harrowing mission to date. I begin my second year at Hillsdale College. My first year of College presented many challenges, provided many learning experiences, opened up new friendships, and fulfilled my fullest expectations. This year I expect more of the same... with a few changes coming that I hope will enhance my experience towards perfection (maturity) in Christ Jesus.

On the school side of things, I am mostly clear of Hillsdale's core requirements, allowin me to focus on the special calling on my life. With that in mind, I am taking two Politics course this semester moving me towards that major. These are Introduction to American Foreign Policy and Regimes: Classical and Modern. To say that I am looking forward to these would be a gross understatement. Not far behind are my two philosophy courses: Ancient Philosophy and Modern Philosophy. These will put me in a position to pursue either a minor or major in this discipline. Rounding out my academic coursework will be a University Physics class. This class serves the purpose of fulfilling a core requirement and giving me a final insight into my decision whether to pursue a minor in this science.

New to this year, I am a member of the George Washington Fellowship. This program is put on by the Kirby Center wing of Hillsdale focusing on research of Constitutional issues. The benefits of this program are both monetary (tuition scholarship) and practical (through it I am automatically accepted to the Washington-Hillsdale Internship Program, giving me the opportunity to intern in DC sometime during my Junior or Senior Year; my plan is for Spring 2013). Not without its costs, I am expected to spend 10 hours a week on "Constitutional Research Service". This will be a large time commitment, basically like adding another class, but I am looking forward to the experience.

Back to the tried and true, I once again plan to participate with the Hillsdale Rugby Football Club. Last year, I learned rugby and enjoyed it immensely. It provides ample opportunity for physical exercise within my budgeted time schedule.

As far as new goals for this year, I plan to: 1. Get more involved with clubs on Campus and make wider connections among those with similar interests; 2. Start a campus chapter of the national organization Young Americans for Liberty, creating greater opportunities for political involvement; 3. Develop deeper friendships; and 4. Deepen my relationship with Christ and use my knowledge to help those that God has given me moment to influence.

All in all, this year is shaping up to be one of the busiest of my life. Your prayers are definitely appreciated. I find great thrill in the amazing plan of God in my life and generally.

Lastly, I hope to keep greater contact with many of you this year so feel free to contact me on Facebook, by e-mail, or via this blog.

Jacob Barrett
Virtue Rejoices in the Challenge.

Monday, August 15, 2011

NFL 2011 Power Ranking


1.Green Bay 0-0 32
2.Pittsburgh 0-0 31
3.Chicago 0-0 30
4.New England 0-0 29
5.NY Jets 0-0 28
6.Baltimore 0-0 27
7.Atlanta 0-0 26
8.Seattle 0-0 25
9.New Orleans 0-0 24
10.Philadelphia 0-0 23
11.Indianapolis 0-0 22
12.Kansas City 0-0 21
13.Tampa Bay 0-0 20
14.NY Giants 0-0 19
15.San Diego 0-0 18
16.Oakland 0-0 17
17.Jacksonville 0-0 16
18Miami 0-0 15
19.St. Louis 0-0 14
20.Detroit 0-0 13
21..Minnesota 0-0 12
22.Houston 0-0 11
23.Washington 0-0 10
24.Dallas 0-0 9
25.Tennessee 0-0 8
26.San Fransisco 0-0 7
27.Cleveland 0-0 6
28.Arizona 0-0 5
29.Cincinnati 0-0 4
30.Buffalo 0-0 3
31.Denver 0-0 2
32.Carolina 0-0 1

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Welcome to this Sunday edition of the Everything Barrett blog.

Our Top news story tonight is the dread realization that school is starting on Aug 22nd. Having gotten fully prepared this last weekend, it is now for us to wait this week living in the shadow of the impending doom of the start of school... or something like that :)

In other news, Jacob is coming home this week and spending a whole week with us before he goes back to college....

Volleyball and Football have started practicing and games start at the end of August. Both teams have new coaches and things are definitely looking good :)

Other things on the agenda, this week include: Choir, Family time, work, Azure, and friends weddings.

Encouraging you to have a good week and to seek God in all that you do, this has been your host, Mercy Faith.... Good night.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Family Reunion 2011

This last weekend was our family reunion. It was one of the most amazing times that our extended family has had in a long time.

We kicked the weekend off with a bike trip down the Hiawatha Trail. We had times for Volleyball and Huckleberry picking; jet skiing and boating; talking and playing games. We also had times for sharing about ourselves and learning about others. We had times for sharing of God's work in our lives and for hearing of others' growth in The Faith. It was a time of getting reacquainted with cousins we had not seen for years and a time of meeting ones we hadn't met before. It was a time to grow closer to each other and closer to God. There was a time to celebrate the blessing God has given us in Family and the Faithfulness shown there. The many anniversaries that were celebrated were a huge example of the Faithfulness of God. My Grandparents celebrated their 55th, my parents their 30th, my Uncle and Aunt their 27th, my other Uncle and Aunt their 28th, and my cousin and her husband their 7th. What a testimony! :)

But the biggest feeling that I left last weekend with was complete undeserving of the wonderful family that God has given me!!! To be surrounded by people who love me and love God was the most amazing experience.... I am truly blessed!!!