About Us

Well, you could say that the Barrett family started over 30 years ago when two teenagers met in a Church choir. However, when it comes to families often one doesn't know where to begin the story. Does it begin with a person's parents, grand-parents or great-grandparents? The fact of the matter is that without our grandparents and great-grandparents there's not much chance these teenagers would have been in choir together. But, perhaps that should be credited - as all things ought to be - instead, to the the Providence of God. Indeed, I hope that is exactly what you find in knowing a little bit more "about us", for that is our aim and dearest wish. One thing is sure, God had more than music in mind when they met for only a few of their children have musical talent.

About 7 years later these now-grown-up teenagers were married and announced to the world as Mr. and Mrs. David Barrett. David and Jannyce traipsed from one end of the country to the other before moving back "home" to Boise, Idaho to start their family - little did they know what was around the curve. God had been working on their hearts to give them a vision for what a Godly, set-apart family should look like and preparing them to raise what many people would call counter-culture children. They began to realize what the impact of these kinds of families could have on the culture and set about to start with their own as well as encourage others. Currently, they both teach at Covenant Academy, David serves as the Director of the Biblical Worldview Learning Center and they also serve Southern Idaho with Azure Standard products.

Their oldest, Elysse, was a typical oldest, strong-willed and full of her own ideas. Her life took on new meaning when, as a child, Jesus captured her purpose for living. As she grew up she became passionate about seeing her generation make a difference in the culture and set her life course in that direction. Elysse has organized political campaigns, helped to start and manage a Crisis Pregnancy Center, co-authored 3 books including Fathers and Daughters: Raising Polished Cornerstones, with her Dad. Elysse currently works for Samaritan Ministries International, a Christian Health-Care Sharing ministry which is on the cutting edge of cultural transformation. Elysse would consider her life a failure if not for her relationship with Jesus and with her friends and family, and her greatest joy is to be called friend. Someday she wants to raise a whole nother generation of little world-changers with big visions. When not making big ideas happen, she's probably writing, sipping on vanilla chai tea (while telling far-fetched stories about the people she's watching), making chocolate chip cookies, or planning the next adventure!

Josiah came along next, and just as his name came from the King of Israel who destroyed the places of wickedness, he has never been lacking for vision that includes cultural transformation. God gave him a love for the land and His creation. Even before he was out of highschool, Josiah had a job at Alderspring, a certified-organic, grass-fed cattle ranch in his beloved Idaho. Yes, Josiah is a real-live, bonafide cowboy. He's even got the horse, truck, dog and hat to prove it. But, he's oh-so-much more than a cowboy. He's a friend, a businessman, an athlete, a motivator...When he's not riding the range you'll find him scribbling out business plans, encouraging a friend, training for the next race, or driving home to visit.

Liberty was born next, and with her came a fighting spirit. She has a heart that yearns for compassion and justice. All 5'2" of her is well-trained athlete, that not only strategizes on the court as she's coaching basketball or volleyball, but also plans the future success of the children she mentors who are aging-out of foster-care and children's homes. Barely out of highschool she established JEMfriends and has never looked back. Few people have seen her deal with youths whose hearts are breaking, or who are angry and suicidal the way that Liberty does. God has given her the special ability to see in others what everyone else looks past. She's truly one of a kind. In the midst of pursuing her calling you can sometimes find her in the kitchen concocting something yummy or making hand-made jewelry and cards...or, her favorite, playing a pick-up game of Basketball at the gym.

Next came Jacob. The wise one, the thinker. Almost from the day he was born you could see his brain working, planning, preparing for what God has in store for him. If you ever wonder about a fact, a terminology, a historical event - well, pretty much about anything - Jacob is the one to ask. He has a sweet spirit and has become as much protector and champion for his sisters and friends as he is advisor. He believes in taking everything in life seriously, so if he says something, he means it. Yes, he believes God has called him to the federal government, and he's planning to run for President in 2028. That's one vote you can cast with ease! In the meantime he's at Hillsdale College, one of very few colleges that do not accept any federal funding. And lest you think he's all geek and brains, he's a great runner, basketball, football, rugby, and ultimate frisbee player. So, if you can't find him on his laptop or in the library, check the IM fields.

Mercy is all that her name implies - gracious, beautiful, elegant, compassionate, kind, talented. As the youngest of the girls, she is well-accomplished not only in the art of tactful conversation and friendship, but also being a delightful hostess. She pushes herself to excellence in sports, academics, but most importantly prioritizes her relationship with the Lord and is an example even to those much older than her. She is ready with a listening ear and words of encouragement...and when all else fails she will sit at the piano and play the sweetest melodies that she has worked on so faithfully. People often talk about how little girls will grow up to be Godly young ladies, and that day has come for Mercy. If you can't find her studying with a brother or making invitations to the next function she's planning then she might just have her nose in a book, be out on a run, or adding to her knowledge of British history.

Joel was born with curly hair and a smile that melts hearts. He sometimes appears disorganized and confused, when that is opposite of reality. He'd just as soon put a smile on your face by telling a great story or juggling for you than sit still and be studious. As a fabulous ball player and runner the pressure just seems to roll right off his back. You wouldn't know it by looking at him, but one of his loves is Baseball. Just ask him someday and see if I'm right. And, it's amazing to see him work with animals - almost as if they understand each other perfectly. I've seen dogs that are ready to bite my head off calm down for Joel. So, if you aren't finding him eating or juggling or figuring out his NFL rankings, he's probably outside reading the Complete Sherlock Holmes with his dog, Lightning.

Justin is the best youngest child God ever sent to earth. He is quiet and serious, but goofy and silly, a saver and a giver, sensitive and strong. Every time he turns around he's helping someone, the dependable one that everybody can count on - everyone's buddy! He has big dreams, and he's going to achieve them...and more. Already he is a great athlete like his older siblings, an encourager, and a safe person to run to. If you need a sidekick for a project, a detective for a case, or an old-time cowboy, Justin is your man. And if you can't find him in the midst of solving a case or rescuing the innocent, he's probably tramping behind Josiah on the ranch.