Monday, September 9, 2013

My first week in DC.

Alright, here is a phlog of my first week in Washington D.C.

I got here on Saturday the 31st, but that was not super interesting. I mostly got unpacked and tried to find a place to watch the Boise State football game, which was harder than I'd have thought. ANd suddenly I don't want to remember that Saturday any more.

Anyways, I live in an apartment with 5 other guys. I share a room with two. Here is my part of it:

I keep clothing on my bed.
Dressers are cool, but washed out photos are cooler.
There is more!

The next day I rested up and decided to take a walk over to where I'd be working, The Institute of World Politics. It was a longer walk than I anticipated, but I made it apparently:
I hadn't eaten a meal in days.

 I also decided to take a look around the corner at a church I planned to visit. It also happens to be the same building where Teddy Roosevelt went to Church.

Ironically, I still have not visited.

Monday was spent getting orientated. And strolling down 2nd Street. I saw many things, like the ACLJ office:
You will notice that a well-fed Jacob is a happy Jacob.
 And Rev Mahoney's office:
The old houses turned to offices in DC are among my favorite things.
 And the Supreme Court building:
Not unexpectedly, it was not in session.
 So this is about how far I live from the Capitol.
But no, I can't actually see it from here.

On Tuesday, I began work. The best part: the metro station escalator. It's over 2 minutes long. Going up...
The light beckons.

and going down...
It's scary down there.
My favorite part of this is the professionals running to catch the metro in their business dress despite the fact that the next train is in 3 minutes.

I dress well for work:
I even put on my excited face.
 IWP is a graduate school for International Relations, National Security, and Statecraft. I actually got to go inside this time.
I feel like there is some chromatic dissonance in this photo.

We also went exploring the city at night. You can get incredibly close to the caapitol.

It's not really blurry. You are shaking with excitement.
And Thomas Jefferson:
Warning: Objects in photo may not be life size.
Who knew FDR had such a cool memorial:
A man-made waterfall. I now understand. It is beautiful though.
 Visited the  Lincoln Memorial too. But it's best feature is the view back towards the city:
They odd lighting is due to construction on old Geo.

Wednesday I visited the National Portrait Gallery. Can you guess who I saw there?
I like words.
Which happens to be in the same building as the National Museum of American Art. Here are sme highlights:
A mining town. It intrigued me.

This painting was even cooler in person. I bet that is what the artist said about the scene.

I love this painting of George Washington Carver. I didn't realize how far he lived into the 20th Century.

 There is stuff for you Western fans:
I have nothing to say here.
And sports fans:
The Coach.

The Man.
 This intriguing work of art was intriguing.Each state had video clips playing that were supposed to represent it. Idaho's was video of bags of potatoes. On a 10-minute loop! I wanted to laugh and cry at the same time.
I'm pretty sure Kansas was a blank screen.

I then ambled across the street to the International Spy Museum where I did many things. Like assuming new identities:
I still need to work on my New Zealand/Canadian accent.
...Ignoring warning signs:
We aren't attached to the nervous system. We can't feel any pain.
 ...learning new things:
The Russians continued use as a weight-loss measure.
...seeing neat tools:
Like this letter thief. Genius.
...taking photos of placards
It was a ninja disguised as a piano.
...gaining historical perspective:
Your friends may be close, but Defoe is closer.

Back to IWP. The elevator is a little creepy.
And people aren't allowed to ride it.

I also got my first publishing credit for my work on the IWP newsletter. No big deal.
I could stare for days.
And I still dress well:
Even if I am no longer excited.

And DC has strange names for things:
I saw it. It was humpy.

So that is that. It's been great so far. More phlogging will be done.

Thank you all for your prayers and support.



  1. We absolutely loved this post! Mutti and Lucas and I were laughing so hard at the captions that we could hardly breathe!

  2. Thanks for sharing Jacob. I've been to DC 3 times and you saw more already than I ever did.