Links and Favorites

Covenant Academy - private, Christian school founded by David Barrett

Biblical Worldview Learning Center - Applying God's Word to Every Are of Life

JEMfriends - changing the face of aging-out

Polished Cornerstones - Official Website of "Fathers and Daughters: Raising Polished Cornerstones" by David and Elysse Barrett

Homeschool ALUMNI - a community of homeschool graduates

Jacob Barrett for President 2028 - The official Announcement

Alderspring - The ranch Josiah works for

Samaritan Ministries International - Where Elysse works

Hillsdale College - Where Jacob's going to school

Savory Suburbia - a great foodie blog about Boise! - pure inspiration!

Ellerslie - The ministry of Eric and Leslie Ludy

Want to understand some of our passion? Watch these videos!