Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Family Reunion 2011

This last weekend was our family reunion. It was one of the most amazing times that our extended family has had in a long time.

We kicked the weekend off with a bike trip down the Hiawatha Trail. We had times for Volleyball and Huckleberry picking; jet skiing and boating; talking and playing games. We also had times for sharing about ourselves and learning about others. We had times for sharing of God's work in our lives and for hearing of others' growth in The Faith. It was a time of getting reacquainted with cousins we had not seen for years and a time of meeting ones we hadn't met before. It was a time to grow closer to each other and closer to God. There was a time to celebrate the blessing God has given us in Family and the Faithfulness shown there. The many anniversaries that were celebrated were a huge example of the Faithfulness of God. My Grandparents celebrated their 55th, my parents their 30th, my Uncle and Aunt their 27th, my other Uncle and Aunt their 28th, and my cousin and her husband their 7th. What a testimony! :)

But the biggest feeling that I left last weekend with was complete undeserving of the wonderful family that God has given me!!! To be surrounded by people who love me and love God was the most amazing experience.... I am truly blessed!!!

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  1. You all should have come by for coffee! :P