Tuesday, January 24, 2012

In Defense of Ron Paul

I am voting for Ron Paul in Idaho’s primary caucus on March 6th. Most of my readers will probably not be surprised at that fact. Dr. Voddie Baucham has faithfully expounded the reasons to vote for Dr. Ron Paul, and I encourage you to read his article by clicking here. Like Dr. Baucham many acquaintances have raised questions about Ron Paul that I wish to address.

Lest someone accuse me again of idolatry, I do not think Ron Paul is perfect. His nomination and his election as President will not change our land. Only repentance and self-governance will. That being said, his attitude and manner in treating people is such that he lacks an air of arrogance, which is one of his greatest qualities. He is not a politician; he is a Statesman.

Also, I can not and will not vote for any of the other proposed Republican candidates because I care too much about my children and yours to contribute to the further destruction of our country. I know that I will have to stand before God someday and give account for my vote. I want to do so with a clear conscience. To chose any of the other options before us would be to betray my own conscience.

Foreign Policy

Those who disagree with Ron Paul’s foreign policy do so out of ignorance. His foreign policies are those of our Founding Fathers. They believed we should not meddle in the affairs of other nations, and instead focus on protecting our own land, and having a strong defense (which involved an armed populous with little spending - hence the 2nd Amendment). Congressman Paul is not ignorant about traditional American foreign policy. He’s seen many decades of a failed policy, as a veteran and a 12 term congressman. His opponents style Paul as blind to any threat of terror or war. Quite the contrary, he says we should prepare for just such a season and in the meantime gather our resources from every corner of the world and quit subsidizing foreign powers - either militarily or monetarily, often both.

And, we need to throw out the idea that American threat of violence is a way to win friends and influence people. The only thing it might be is a very temporary and artificial friendship - and that’s the last thing our country needs right now. Our current foreign policy isn’t working. Historically it’s un-American. It turns out to be un-Biblical, since God only directed Israelites to kill in the name of their own promised land not to pursue interests worldwide. God even forbade the Israelites to have chariots, the symbol of military power of the time. God’s sovereign power would otherwise be minimized. All of a sudden, American world hegemony doesn’t seem so biblical, does it?

If you’re not familiar with the Christian Just War Theory I encourage you to research it.


Norma Mcorvey (Jane Roe of Roe vs Wade) just endorsed Ron Paul. She understands that Roe vs. Wade should never have been heard by the federal Supreme Court. The case was outside the jurisdiction of the US Supreme Court, because murder is under state jurisdiction. There is no federal law against murder. Each sovereign state, of the fifty states, is enforce its own laws, like a sovereign nation, as described by Alexis de Tocqueville. The national government, which is the federation of these several united states is only to act in areas specifically listed in the US Constitution, mostly settling disputes between the states. The several states existed before the federal government; they created it. The several states are the creator and the federal government is the creation. By extension, the states are to be the masters and the federal government is to be the slave. If the US Supreme Court had followed the Constitution, refusing to hear Roe v Wade, we would not have the blood of 54 million babies on our hands. God always brings justice to injustice, and He will punish those that broke the contract, ignoring the Constitution. It's a covenant issue. For the pro-life community to continually beg for a federal solution is not only against the structure of our system, but it is another crime against the Constitution.

The Law

Some hold the position that the state sovereignty and federal limitation doctrines of Ron Paul reveal his misunderstanding of law (including Biblical law). As a graduate of a Biblical worldview academy, and the daughter of its headmaster, I disagree thoroughly. Ron Paul has a profound understanding of the different kinds of laws as well as the separation of powers and jurisdictional boundaries.

Christians are often confused about the different kinds of laws God gave in the Old Testament. There are civil laws, laws specific to Israel, and ceremonial laws. Obviously, sodomy is an abomination. Disrespecting one's parents can lead to death. God also commanded men to offer goats and calves for their sins. Some law, like the tenth commandment are purely matters of the heart and could never be legislated, even if we tried. There is a difference between God's law (as written on our hearts and which - as it says in Galatians - we as Christians MUST follow), and Church law, city law, state law, or Federal law. Those laws which a Christian must follow (ie - we should not do drugs because we should not defile the temple of the Holy Spirit MUST be obeyed through self governance even though they are not and/or should not be a federal law.) Traditionally there is a divide between canonical law and civil law. Cannonical law was the jurisdiction of the clergy. The same issue was used by Pilot as a reason why he could not condemn Jesus. Jesus had broken no civil law, only religious law (according to the Pharisees). Pilot was a smart and principled man. He understood his jurisdiction and would not be swayed.

We must recognize that even some laws in the Old Testament did not come with enforceable penalties (such as the law to leave the corners of your field for the strangers to glean). Not only must a person have a profound understanding of different kinds of law, they also need to understand the proper jurisdiction of each government. It is within the Church's jurisdiction to enforce God's law to not forsake the fellowship of believers and to excommunicate those who do. It is within the family's jurisdiction to punish disobedient children, and neither are within the civil government's jurisdiction. In the United States it is within each state's jurisdiction to punish murderers, homosexuals, make drugs legal or illegal, etc....it is NOT within the Federal government's jurisdiction. It's the beauty of the way our American system is set up. I think the waters can get very muddied when these two issues are combined and confused and both are very important. If you want to read more on this I recommend Dr. Herb Titus, one of our nation's best Constitutional lawyers and an expert on God's law as well. He was also one of Judge Roy Moore's top attorneys.


There is a radio interview in which Dr. Paul says that he doesn’t know whether homosexuality is a sin. I was certainly disappointed at first. I listened to the whole interview and learned that Dr. Paul believes that homosexuality is a sin, and that it is also not within the purview of federal law. I agree with him. It should be a state issue.

We must also remember that Congressman Paul’s first profession is a Medical Doctor, and so he thinks in those terms. It seems that Dr. Paul is making more of a medical statement than a moral one. He questions whether homosexuality might be connected to a genetic cause. He either thinks it is a genetic disorder or that it might be a normal genetic trait. It is unclear in the interview.

Also, Ron Paul points out that just as bad as homosexuality in the military is heterosexual perversion. That's the greater point he was trying to make. Even in Christian circles, not to mention among pastors of many faiths, sexual sin is prevalent. A bit of humility and taking the beam out of our own eyes before we start digging for specks in the eyes of unbelievers is called for.

Even if you disagree...

If you are not a supporter of Ron Paul, you probably disagree with him on at least one topic. Fair enough. If that’s the case, here’s my challenge to you. Think about the last election cycle, or the cycle before that. Did you disagree with your candidate on anything? But, you still voted for him. Maybe it’s because you thought he was the best person for the job, or maybe because you like the idea of voting for a winner. Whatever the reason, don’t you think you ought to give a Christian man the benefit of the doubt? He has been married to the same wife for 54 years, delivered over 4,000 babies, has been elected 12 times in his district, and he has a 24-year consistent voting record. Could you also extend the same grace to him - though you might disagree with him on one or two points - that you did to the last person you voted for?


I thank God for leaders like Ron Paul who have consistently spoken, voted, and acted in accordance to a Biblical Worldview and the dictates of his conscience. Isn’t it about time that we respect and honor him for his years of service? And, isn’t it time that we raise up some more leaders like Dr. Ron Paul?

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