Sunday, November 6, 2011

Sunday Afternoon Ramblings....

Well, here we are, Sunday afternoon and guess who's blogging ;)

This week was one that was jammed full with activities!!!

1st round of the volleyball tournament that ended in a loss to Emmett in 4 sets. :(
Hanging out with friends for the rest of the night. :) :)

2nd round of the tournament, CA wins over River of Life in 5 games :)
Staying up late till all the games are over :(

Got out of school to go to volleyball Practice :)
Made my German teacher mad :(
Got a nap :)
Went Pie-selling :(

3rd round of tournament, lost to CHAMP in 3 sets

Azure :(
Play Practice :)
Watched the final volleyball games :) :( :)
Hung out with friends :)

Slept in :)
Worked :(
Gym :)

All - in -all this year we had a great volleyball season. I grew alot spiritually and mentally as well as learning alot about volleyball. Caleb is an awesome coach and I am so thankful that he gave of his time to coach us!!! Besides being a spiritual leader for the team, he made two of my volleyball dreams come true: 1) We got to run a 6-2 for most of the year (in this rotation I was able to pass, set and hit) and 2) I got to hit right-side :)

Today I was supposed to get my senior pics taken as I wanted to have the changing of the colors as my "theme". however with the weather, the photographer rescheduled for Thursday. I was kinda disappointed (especially when the sun came out an hour later) but it was probably for the best since I have been sick all week and am still running a fever :(

I have a ton of homework to do so I better hop to!!

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