Tuesday, November 22, 2011

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As all of you who wait with bated breath each Sunday to read my weekly update have already noticed, I failed you this past Sunday :(
But why would someone such as myself, who knows how eagerly you all wish to read these little nuggets of Gold, why would I wreck your entire weekend....

Well, If you haven't noticed by now, I am a very sarcastic person.... but there is truth in the fact that I did not mean to not blog, I just found myself in a situation last Sunday where blogging was in effect impossible, namely, I found myself in the midst of the last practice/dress rehearsal for the 2011 Christian History Program (coming to Meridian THIS evening!!! -- aren't y'all so excited you can't wait ;) ) Anyways, as I was saying, as the indispensable actor/actress that I am, ahem I mean the fact that I play the vital role of Martin Luther (and others: court physician/soldier/bishop), made it impossible for me to skip this practice for the sole reason of blogging.... :sigh:

On a serious note, if all of you find yourself with nothing to do this evening around 6:45, please make your way to 925 N. Cloverdale Rd to see "The History of the Making of the King James Bible (an original production)" This highly dramatic series of skits involves a betrayal and a kidnapping, a death and a coronation, the plans of man and the hand of God.
P.S. Did I forget to mention the pie social afterwards ;) :)

This last 10 days have been just as busy as usual. Yesterday was the start of the Basketball season for the girls :) yay! I think that this season is going to be wonderful... the girls are all super cool!

However, I did find a snippet of time to read this week. As I did not have the time to go to the Library I took out one of my all-time favorite books "Carry on, Mr. Bowditch" to read for the 4th (or is it 5th) time. And I thought that for all of those unfortunate enough to have not read this book, I would try to give you a little taste of the wonderful story that unfolds on these pages.

As you open the cover, you enter the life of a 6 year old boy. In the middle of a family of 7 children that is struggling to survive during the depression caused by the American Independence, Nat's favorite escape is into the world of Mathematics. Through his amazing accomplishments,, Nat is noticed by Salem's preacher who encourages Nat's Parents to send him on to Harvard. But alas, with the death of Nat's Mother and Grandmother and the increasing depression after the War is over, Nat's father find's it necessary to indenture Nat to apprentice in the local Chandlery. ( a company that outfits ships). With his hopes of Harvard dashed, Nat learns how to "sail by ash breeze" through the trials of life. He finds solace in learning about all there is to know about sailing, recording it into notebooks, as well as learning French and Latin in order to study books such as Newton's Principia, even as he watches all of his brothers leave for the sea that he longs to explore himself. Even shut up in the safe environment of the chandlery, the cold winds of the storms of life have not yet left Nat's side as he watches his most beloved sister, Elizabeth, die from a fall, as he hold her hand, willing her to live if only for him.

Nat's life seems to be looking up as his 21st birthday comes and he is at last free from his indenture. He signs on a surveying crew and does that for about a year until he asked to go on a voyage as supercargo (navigator) and 2nd Mate. It is on this voyage that Nat starts teaching the men "before the mast" the art of sailing and navigation, a tradition he would keep up on each of his voyages. On each of his voyages in which he sails as navigator there is the imminent threat of danger from French and English ships. On each of these voyages Nat has his triumphs, such as finding a new way to work lunars (to find the ships longitude), and his defeats, like when he heard the news from home that his wife of less than 2 years had died from consumption. After his 4 voyages Nat settles down to working on his own book on Navigation. One that would explain that art to any common sailor. With his new bride, Polly, at his side and an honorary degree from Harvard, Nat is indeed set up to show the world that you can "sail by the book". And on his 5th voyage, Nat does just that. As Captain, Nat sails to the Sumatran Islands and back coming into Salem Harbor, one of the most dangerous in America, in so thick a fog the men could not see there hand in front of there face.

The most amazing things about this book is the fact that if you read it as a 12 year old or a 17 year old, it still holds your attention... you can still cry as well as rejoice with Nat on each step of his life.

Hope you have enjoyed this little synopsis and do find the time to let Nat into your own life someday,

In Christ,
Mercy Faith

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  1. Yep, I loved that book. The cool thing is, it's a true story, and you can still buy his navigation book today: http://www.amazon.com/American-Practical-Navigator-Bowditch/dp/0939837544/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1322106888&sr=8-1