Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas Brunch Wrap-up

Hey...I was thinking that I would take a few min to wrap up about our Christmas Brunch. I took a few pictures, mostly to make you want to come next year :) 

My sister Mercy started the brunch 3 years ago, mostly because she loves to entertain and she has a HUGE heart. The rest of us have really learned to love it and try to use our talents where we can. 

This year we made less verity on of food, mostly because there was so much food leftover in the past and also cause Mercy almost kills herself making all the sweets. 

Mercy is the organizer, food shopper, decorator, makes all the sweets, takes care of drinks (Which included homemade hot chocolate), and serves your food will a smile, she is pretty much the rock star!
Justin did a ton of the decorations, and kept the orders coming in and going out!
Joel and I did the cooking! Joel the french toast and helping if I got behind on orders! We kept 3 griddles going 100% of the time and not an order was forgotten. 
Dad was the key though as he washed all the dishes so that we never got behind and Mom just kept chopping anything we need!
and not forgetting Jacob....I just don't remember what he did! :)

Here is an idea of what our menu was this year:

Pesto on Eggs (Scrambles eggs with pesto served on toast)
Cinnamon French toast
Sourdough French toast
Ultimate Skillet w/ eggs
Others choices:
            Fried Garlic Mashed Potatoes
 Pumpkin Roll
 Fruit salad
Berry Pie

 And here are some pictures:

First order of the day about to go out!

 Joel and his amazing French Toast.
 And the Best part is the friends that we get to see!
As you know I am not a huge Blogger but I really felt like I should blog because I just felt so blessed this Christmas season and I really wanted to let everyone know just how blessed I felt this season. 

I was so blessed to do this with my family as a family, no one looking for the credit, just wanting so much to bless others. Thank you Mercy for letting me do the cooking, I really loved it this year! 

The second blessing I felt Christmas morning was from everyone that came... you may have just come for some great food :) , but you blessed us by coming, spending a little bit of your day with our family and allowing us to show you a little bit of hospitality and love. On a day that is such a big reminder of the amazing love of a savior, WOW what a blessing to show a small amount of love to others with the amazing blessing that Christ daily gives us!!


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  1. Wow! The food looks fabulous! How fun to do that with your family! I can see why it would be a huge blessing to all involved. :)