Thursday, June 28, 2012

I have had a few thoughts that I really feel like I would like to share...These thoughts all kinds got just started with the question that I got asked when talking about JEMfriends "Do you train your mentors?" The first thought that hit me was, how many people shy away from mentoring because they are not "trained" they don't feel that they "know enough"? These are probable true facts I am sure that there are many that feel this way. I started thinking about how our world has pushed the education, training, certifications, yes you can get mentoring certifications, I just wonder when it comes to mentoring if it has gone to far and we have replaced the biggest part of mentoring...friendship.

I just wonder if we started saying you being you is enough to be mentor, how many more people would make the effort to mentor, how many more kids would walk this world and get noticed.

Thinking about it there are a few reasons that we get trained...
1. To learn to be better at what we do.
2. To be able to do what we do in less amount of time.
3. Cause we love what we do and we want to learn everything that we can about it. 

These are not all wrong reasons especially the 3rd, but they one go so far because mentoring is a time investment, a listening to the heart and a friendship things so hard taught.

You are enough to be a mentor and let your training come from Christ who understands time investment, a listening heart, and the friendship perfectly.

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