Wednesday, June 6, 2012

First day... er... week of work

So I was planning on blogging after my first day of work but things were rather busy.... so here I am after 3 days of work and just now getting this blog together.

I apologize in advance if this blog is super random. I just have not blogged in so long and I have so many thoughts rolling around in my brain ready to spil out it might just come out all jumbled ;).

It was a full moon last night and so the past couple of evenings have been so fantastic getting to see it come off the horizon :)

Last Friday night I was lying awake at like 2:30am complaining to God about some things and as I was praying, thunder rolled and the lighting flashed and the rain poured down in an awesome reminder that God never leaves us... all I could do was go outside and stand in the rain and fog :).... It was definitely the reminder I needed to stop complaining and instead thank God for all he has done for me :)

Speaking of storms there was a really windy thunderstorm on Monday night which I had to drive through to get to choir practice.... avoiding branches in the roadway was kind of an ordeal. Also the storm blew over the grill at the house I was housesitting.... luckily it was my Aunt's house so I was not in too much trouble.

I also got pulled over twice this week... thankfully both times was to let the fire truck go by.... so no speeding tickets.... yet ;)

Work has been pretty much awesome. My first day was on Monday. I get to do all kinds of fun stuff. Pretty much I do whatever Liberty tells me too.... this has mostly involved computer work. I do not have a "title" yet for my job but Liberty is working on coming up with it :) So as soon as I know I will be sure to inform you all :)

Sorry this has been so random but hopefully this shows you my life lately :)

I will try to put together a less nonsensical blog soon.

Mercy Faith

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