Monday, June 27, 2011


Life... so much is wrapped up in that little 4-letter word...

Right now life is a wee bit crazy.... but then again isn't it always :)

This summer, so far, has been one of new experiences and a renewal of old ones-

Two days after school was let out for the summer I started work as a nanny. I watch 3 kids ages 6,4, and 2 for 20 hours a week. I think that this job has been God's way of showing me that I need to take life 1 day, 1 hour, 1 moment, 1 step at a time and that we need to focus on Him and not get caught up in trying to plan our lives out the way we want it to look... especially since He is going to work it out His way no matter what :) This promise that He gives us is the reason we can follow his command to not have any worry....

On June 11th, 5 of my friends and I participated in the Sawtooth Relay, a 61.9 miles relay race in which each runner runs about 10 miles that is split up into 2 "legs". In the middle of these 62 miles is Galena Summit which caps out at almost 9,000 ft. I ran ok and our team ended up getting 3rd in the Co-ed open division. The super cool thing this year was the amazing support team we had... 3 vehicles and 17 awesome people.

The next week was the start of summer school... I am trying to finish up all my Junior-year classes so that I will have a "clean slate" going into my senior year. These include: advanced math, Physics, and Ethics.

I had 2 big track meets on the 17th and the 25th. I ran the 800m at both meets and the 200om steeplechase on the 25th. I had never attempted the steeplechase and it was an amazingly fun experience =). I was able, with God's amazing strength to decrease my 800m time by a half-second!

Other things that are keeping me busy this summer:
Reading (German and English :))

This past year has been one of intense spiritual growth for me as well as a chance for me to find out who I really am, who I want to be and who I want to become! As I am looking down the road to this next year that will be filled with much decision making it is easy for me to become overwhelmed; however, God is trying to help me understand that life is lived "one step at a time" even if they are baby steps :)

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