Saturday, June 25, 2011

Happy Anniversary, Dad and Mom!

On Monday my parents will celebrate 30 years of marriage. That's right, 30 years. I realize as I type this out that not many children have the opportunity to see their parents' marriage survive 30 years. If I were to make a list of blessings, at the top of it would be thankfulness for my family - and my parents' marriage.

I remember as a little girl looking at the pictures from their wedding. They sat on my Mom's hope chest in our living room. As a starry-eyed dreamer I pretend like I was there at the wedding, watching the beginning of our family as we know it. Who could have guessed that from the covenant of two people made on a bright day in June, 30 years ago, would come 7 children, several businesses and ministries, articles, conferences, a Christian school, a book on Father-Daughter relationships. And...the list could go on.

How can one measure the impact of 2 lives, a marriage, and a family? How can one reduce all the love, discipline, nurturing, education, disagreements, dreams, and hugs of the last 30 years to words you'll read on your screen?

It's an impossible task, because it's bigger than life.

David and Jannyce and their family have embraced a vision and calling bigger than life itself. The good news of the gospel of Jesus Christ has transformed each of them into passionate lovers of His Word, and the relevance of His truth to our lives today. Reflecting on the impact of my parent's 30 years of love in my own life, I think that's the best way to measure what they have - by measuring those around them. I can't count the number of lives that they've impacted. They've not only faithfully guided 7 children, they've been true friends to many, a faithful example to the faint of heart, an encouragement to the weary. The door to their home has been open to people in abuse, the destitute, the broken hearted. My parents are people who drop whatever they are doing to drive 3 1/2 hours to cry with friends who have just lost their child. They care so much about their children's children that they unflinchingly testify in public places to the truth. Over the last 30 years they have mentored, encouraged, and challenged young people who are now leaders and world changers.

Their marriage is more than simply a testimony, it is a legacy. In our world what my parents have is something that makes people pause and say, "Wow - see what God has done!" And, that my friends, is exactly what 30 years of marriage should look like.

In order to celebrate this milestone as much as possible, we're asking anyone who would like to send congratulations, well wishes and memories, please leave a comment here, or send me an email at We are planning to compile these memories and give them to my parents in a few weeks. We know they'll appreciate it.

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