Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Sarah Palin and Multi-tasking

From the moment she was introduced as McCain's running mate, I've been much more of a Palin skeptic than fan. I certainly admire her stance on several issues. And, I have a certain amount of respect for her family and all they've been through the last few years (albeit much of it has been self-inflicted).

However, as the time passes I have become less and less impressed - if that's possible.

I'm not impressed with her as a woman. I recently read a book by the wife of a prominent Christian apologist, and in one chapter she reminds women that once they are married their husband and family should be their full-time “project”. That’s the type of woman I want to look up to - one who is consumed with her love for the Lord, and being a loving helpmeet to her husband. When I see pictures of Sarah dressed to the gills, next to her husband who is dressed more casually in jeans and a ball cap it just looks so wrong. I'm certainly not questioning their love or her heart, but it's not the example I want to set, or follow. Do I think that women can ever be in leadership or elected to office? Absolutely. But, I don't think it should be common or normal. Women in civil leadership is a sign of male leadership being abdicated. So, no woman should ever be excited or aspiring to step into civil leadership except as a last resort and in the case where there are simply no good men.

Secondly, I'm not impressed with her argument for *why* a woman would make a good president - because women can multi-task. Really? I know several women who can’t. Women being genius multi-taskers is a ridiculous stereotype propagated by the feminist movement who wants to add to their list of why men aren’t as good as women. Besides, Palin herself alludes to the concept that the women who are good at multi-tasking should be the ones at home raising their families. Frankly, multi-tasking is never something that crossed my mind when I run through my mental list of qualifications for leadership. And, I bet in never crossed yours either. In fact, I'd probably rather have someone who is one-track minded - at least they are less likely to be distracted by the myriad of special interests vying for their attention. My checklist goes something like this: Christian, pro-life, man of conviction, unwilling to compromise, rules well his own life, a man of character, one who loves his family and friends over and above power or money, one who is informed and teachable. Most times the options we have for candidates do not even meet the first two on this list, and rarely more than 3 altogether. It's in those cases that I usually write a name in the ballot. Yes, I know that it probably won't even get counted, but I can write a name down with a clear conscience. It might not count here, but I know that it counts in God's economy.

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