Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Basketball Season

Basketball season for Covenant Academy is officially underway. I am so excited for this season, well for many reasons (Lets see how many that I can come up with)...
1. I have almost all my girls coming back from last year! this = leadership, skills and mindset tough my way!
2. I have 6 new girls, 5 of which have never played before so I have a big challenge, but who does not LOVE challenges.
3. I had a girl close to her personal best in the Mikan drill on day 1..just wait for a couple weeks. I see alot of personal best set this year.
4.I am coaching this year with Rebecca, Its going to be fun, we are both going to learn alot and continue to establish a coaching philosophy that will push and develop amazing youth on and off the basketball court. Encouraging each of them to go further in life, always be willing to be a leader, friend, and role model!
5.My Defense! Its called "throttle" I spent all spring and summer working on it...and if it works like it does in my head, opponent get ready for a tough night.
6. A really awesome boys team to cheer us on! GO US!

Ok I can go on and on...but I am going to stop there! I will keep you updated. Tomorrow's practice is dribbling and lay-ups! :)

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